Big Ideas in Cosmology

The traditional textbook, bound to the physical limits of the printed page, cannot illustrate the full complexity, movement, and beauty of the cosmos. In 2012, NASA granted astronomer Lynn Cominsky a multi-year grant with a mandate to develop an interactive experience that could better capture the dynamic nature of the 

universe. Dr. Cominsky was joined by like-minded astronomers and practicing educators Kim Coble, Kevin McLin, Anne Metevier, Carolyn Peruta, and Janelle Bailey. This collaboration built the fully digital publication the Big Ideas in 

Cosmology. The development process began with extensive research and vigorous peer review, to ensure the quality of the content and the level of instruction. Field testing was conducted at Sonoma State University to evaluate the effectiveness of the publication’s methods and pedagogy, which revealed high levels of engagement and comprehension for science and non-science majors alike.