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The LibreTexts ecosystem is comprised of 4 interconnected platforms that provide an end-to-end solution for authoring and delivering instruction using open educational resources.

Build Digital Textbooks

Creative Adaptive Assessment

Design Interactive Media

Collaborate with your Peers

LibreTexts Library

Build Digital Textbooks

The Library is the central platform within our ecosystem and consists of 16 topic-specific repositories that can host your OER textbooks.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive visual text editor
  • Print-on-Demand for physical textbooks
  • LMS integration
  • Award winning OER Remixer

ADAPT Homework System

Create adaptive assessment

Our homegrown homework system includes over 200,000 openly licensed assessments built in WebWork, iMathAS, H5P, and native QTI.

Key Features:

  • Learning Tree for personalized and adaptive assessment
  • Supports formative and summative evaluation
  • Custom Clicker-App for in-class assessment


Design interactive media

Collaborate and co-author interactive media, games, activities, and quizzes in the H5P LibreStudio. Search through our rapidly growing repository of H5P assets that you can embed in your books, assignments, or LMS.

Key Features:

  • Fun and intuitive games and activities
  • Co-authoring and collaboration
  • Curated collections and community hubs


Collaborate with your peers

Create a centralized hub for all of your organization’s OER efforts with Commons. Collaborate and socialize with your peers, evaluate and curate OER, and manage your OER strategy using Conductor.

Key Features:

  • Project management tools designed specifically for OER authoring
  • Library curation and metadata
  • Centralized search for your school’s OER

Find out what LibreTexts can do for your organization

Join over 400 schools and organizations in the LibreNet and take advantage of our award-winning ecosystem for OER publishing.

Additional Features of the LibreTexts Ecosystem

LibreOne Single Sign On

Secure and simplified registration and login to all of our platforms using your organizational email.

Custom Jupyter Notebooks

Enhanced Jupyter notebooks system that can be integrated into your textbooks.

User Training

Accelerate your organization's OER adoption through our customized training program.

Open Sourced Software

Almost all of the systems that make up LibreTexts are available as Free and Open Source Software

Dynamic Figures and Models

Our embedded molecular viewers allow for the interactive visualization of proteins and molecules.

Social Annotation

Add an annotation overlay that allows for both public and class-based collaboration.

Print on Demand

If you like having something tangible to study, every page has an option to download and print a PDF version.

Printed Copies

Affordable print-on-demand for any textbook at virtually any scale.

One Minute Import into LMS

Using the LTI Common Cartridge system, it is possible to import a LibreText into your new course as a set of links.

Imported Open Textbooks

Adapting an existing LibreText allows for the freedom to shape the course content without having to start from scratch.

OER Remixer

With our state of the art OER Remixer, instructors and other authors can rapidly assemble and remix their own LibreText from the entire breadth of LibreTexts content.