New In-Person Workshops for the ADAPT Homework Platform


The LibreTexts team is happy to announce six new, in-person workshops across California to showcase our open homework and assessment platform, ADAPT. These workshops will introduce educators to ADAPT as well as our H5P creation platform, Studio. Currently sponsored by the California Education Learning Lab (CELL), both platforms are free for all California instructors and students for the next four years. During these workshops LibreTexts Founder and Executive Director, Delmar Larsen, will demonstrate how instructors can use ADAPT to augment existing and newly constructed OER textbooks with summative exercises and embed them in LMSs, LibreTexts textbooks, in a standalone application, and in-class clickers. Discussions will demonstrate how the ADAPT homework system empowers faculty to build and use existing questions in multiple modalities. Participants will learn how to build autograded questions based on four technologies – H5P, WebWork, IMathAS, and native (QTI) – that can be used interchangeably to allow for maximal impact.

Delmar will also introduce the Studio platform for construction, storage and distribution of H5P assessments. Participants will be able to join Studio to create and share H5P assessments, review the H5P of other authors, and build/join a community within Studio.

Workshops are open to all educators.

Registration is free but required. NOTE: A free LibreTexts account is required for registration and can requested here.


Workshops will take place at:

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

For more information contact: